Perhaps, men don't know that, but woman's rings can tell much about her. Open-minded and spontaneous girls choose bright, original things. They like unusual design and believe it expresses their individuality. Show her, that you also enjoy it - give her the Fancy Swirl Ring or Heart in Heart Ring as a present! Thin miniature rings attract modest and sensitive girls, who need to feel protected. The ladies of that kind prefer fine rings, decorated with light pure stones, like small diamonds or rings with white pearls. These rings express their desire to have the man of a strong character nearby. Tell her, that you are the man of that kind, gifting Heart Pointed Ring or Accent Butterfly Ring! The independent, confident and elegant lady would choose the respectable jewelry, which, attracting attention to her beautiful hands, underlines, that she got used to luxury. The golden things of any color suit her best of all. White Gold Twisted Diamond Ring or Diamond Square Adjustable Ring will show, that you appreciate her, being the woman of high-class! The rings gifted can tell much about man's atitude+ And women know that for sure!


All the women feel love to this nice graceful jewelry. Big and small earrings, decorated with stones of various colors, rings, chains, small figures, attracting the attention to the face of the lady wearing, will always bring a lot of pleasure! Long earrings, like Diamond Triple Circlular Layer Post Earrings or Diamond Designer Drop Earrings suit to the beautiful neck, give accent to the aristocratic whiteness of the skin. Diamond Star Dangle Earrings will be the stressing element of woman's appeal both during working day and on the party. And delicate Diamond Heart Earrings will be the best, when she wants to bring some elegance in her everyday look. Really, beautiful earrings can make woman's eyes shine brighter, underline the unique style of her hair-dressing, and make her feel confident. That's why earrings - modest or dramatic, small or great, made from one kind of the precious metal or combining different materials - can always remain the best lovely gift for a lovely woman!


Necklaces are the most magnificent, the most mysterious and the most desirable jewelry in the world! Let us remember the well-known Maria-Antoinette diamond necklace, which tempted so many people, but brought a lot of troubles... Or Marylyn Monroe, who possessed wonderful pearl necklace, valued it a lot and considered it to be an amulet, during the whole life. ...Or legendary Mexican actress Maria Felix, who loved her pet-crocodile so much, that once took it to Cartier boutique and ordered the golden necklace with crocodile heads. 1023 yellow diamonds and 1066 emeralds were used in it! Or diamond necklace of Catherine the Second, which contains only 27 diamonds, but the size and the quality of the stones, make it cost 2 mln.$ at Sotheby's. But those things can be even more expensive: Maria-Luisa's, Napoleon fianc?e, owned the emerald necklace which pink diamonds, which 190 years later was bought by Louver for 3,5 mln.$! You shouldn't save the money for the rest of the life. With Oh!Jewellry you can gift the necklaces, which will make you beloved feel like the queen. Choose White Gold Diamond Heart Eternity Necklace or Diamond Triple Circle Pendant On Cable Chain Necklace to present her the beauty, the style and the real magnificence!


Bracelet has always been a symbol of feminity and softness, the jewelry for all the times, which will emphasize the beauty of the wrist. No wonder, that from the ancient times gold and silver bracelets were an attribute of eminence and high position in a society. Visit the pages of Oh! Jewelry bracelets collection! You will see the bracelets from yellow or white gold and color gold combinations, bracelets, decorated with precious and semi -precious stones, like diamonds, and emeralds, and sapphires - and many others! You will enjoy watching those masterpieces of jewellry art, and feel, that teasing gold bracelets make the best combination with graceful hands of the woman! Really, bracelets show individuality of a female nature, being a bright detail of her wearings, create the easy-going, fine holiday mood! Several bracelets can be worn together: modern or classic, thick or thin, they provide the unique stylish impression. Bracelet is always the gift appreciated, and every woman will be happy to discover its magic for the first time... Or put into her jewelry box one more!


Chains are always very popular as the jewelry, classic and modern, modest and impressive at the same time. You can choose a lot at Oh!Jewelry and wear it, creating your personal style. Look at Marquise Chain. Every link of this perfect chain from warm-colored yellow gold, reflects the sun light and make you feel happy without special reason. But isn't it the most important reason to be happy: being beautiful? Or take Platinum 1.4mm Cable Chain - its cold, moderate glamour will inform about you as about the person of great taste. Or wide Double Bismark Chain with its charm of power and strong, confident charisma! Bizantine chains make people stop listening you and start investigating the complicated, exotic plaiting. Omega Chains charm with the simplicity. Thick Herringbone Chains command the respect and trust, and never will go out of fashion. All of them are different, but in the same measure inspire people to want some! At Oh!Jewelry you can also choose anklets and pins, crosses and lavalieres: these smart things help you to create the personal style and will bring a lot of pleasure!